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It seems that my last two nights of sleep (from about 12/1am – 4:30 and from 5-8/9 am) were flukes. So here I am working on my thesis. I’m totally tired of Facebook…. it’s been helpful these past few days with keeping up with news in Joplin and the tornadoes, but I’ve been on way more than normal and it gets old after a while. At the same time, I feel rather isolated working on my thesis while the world around me sleeps. To keep myself somewhat connected, I’ll document my progress and successes here for the unknown masses to read and be bored by!! Wahoo, I know you’re excited, even as you search for the X button. (It’s on the top right and is probably red). 

  1. I finally figured out page numbers!! Mind you, this is just on the preliminary official junk that I have to include, not even the actual thesis. But it took me about an hour and two different nights of writing to finally get it. 
  2. Started putting part of Chapter 1 in the final thesis format. With page numbers! (May I just add that it’s hard to be intelligent at this time of day. I think it’s about time to try and force the sleep issue.) 
  3. I need a title. If anyone is good at coming up with intelligent, descriptive stuff like titles, please let me know ASAP.
  4. 8 days until the pre-defense draft is due. I may very well spend the next days sleeping after that. 
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