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I’ve been thinking about mountains lately. I’ve gotten to go on some fun hikes in the past week – up Rock Canyon and also Battle Creek Falls – and those have reminded me of other hikes and adventures. Falling down the mountain at Stewart Falls years ago… Getting left on a mountain in the middle of the Tetons with nothing but my water bottle and two knees that made me cry on my way back down. I also think of the hikes I still want to take in the future. I really want to meet a guy that likes going out for a nice hike in the mountains and will suggest it as well. (And not leave me on the mountain!) I think of how I’ll probably never make some hikes, thanks to my knee and the challenges it gives me going downhill. But I’m sure there’s plenty of easy enough hikes I can still make! 

I’ve made some metaphorical hikes lately, too. The thesis has definitely been a big one. Of course, it isn’t exactly entirely done…. so there’s a few more steps to conquer in that mountain. (And of course I’m procrastinating and blogging instead. Ah well!) I’ve also been climbing some personal mountains in the past several months. I don’t think we ever really stop working up those slopes, actually, but sometimes the incline levels out and sometimes it’s very steep. While I have been working hard to keep going forward, I think the climb has been balanced by some amazing views and perspectives. If you have to work hard, it’s nice to have a pretty view! 

Speaking of views, here’s some fun pictures from the past few months to show my awesome friends and what we’ve been up to!

Ananda and I going to an outdoor concert in April
Jenelle and I walking the Provo River Trail
Nohemi, Alexis, and Jenelle (and me taking the pic) at our outdoor Easter cookout
Crepes! I meant to have more people over but it ended up being Jenelle and I
Homemade crepes
Savory filling: Aspargus and mushroom with shredded swiss cheese
Berry topping. I made a delicious cream cheese filling to go with this and it was divine!

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