Thoughts on a Monday

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I meant to go to a concert in Orem.  I meant to go running. (I suppose I still could…) I did finish my thesis revisions, and I can’t wait to get the final signatures and call everything DONE. I probably should be doing laundry, or writing a packing list, or vacuuming or something. I did try calling the temple. I called twice before I realized that I was getting the voicemail message because today is Monday, not Tuesday-Saturday. At this point, I should probably eat dinner. I mean real dinner, the leftovers Megan sent home with me because I’ve been eating cake for dinner instead. (No comment on how much cake I ate for my… “snack”… tonight.) SIGH. I wouldn’t mind going on a walk. It’s more fun to talk to someone and walk with someone. Like the concert: it’s more fun to go with someone. Sometimes I’ve been really great about not caring if I go to things alone, but apparently today I’m not in that mindset. I think I just really need to finally complete my things here in Provo: thesis, work stuff, etc. I’ll have an amazing trip to Europe, and when I get back I’ll my moments of taking a step forward spiritually, graduating, and hopefully find a fulfilling job. Until then, tonight feels like a Monday. 
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Jackie · June 28, 2011 at 4:12 am

Have fun in Europe!

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