Happy Days (This is not about those)

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I was very happy that day. 
In Portugal.
At the beach.
Dancing across Europe.

Sometimes lately, though I feel more like this. 

My days aren’t quite so bad as all that, but there are definite moments, which seem to increase in frequency, when I just have a ruff rough time remembering my happy self. I need to get structure and meaning into my life, hopefully ASAP!! 

In an attempt to end on a positive note (which I am definitely not feeling very strongly), I am looking forward to going to a singles ward tomorrow. Young married wards the past two weeks, plus a sealing today plus a reception tonight make me miss my fellow compatriots in singledom very much. I just hope they’re not all 18 years old. I’m an old fart with two degrees and no job. When I look at that series of events I can’t help but feel discouraged that for all my wonderful education, I’m doing nothing. I know it will change. I know that I was right to leave Provo, including the possibility of getting my old job back there. But that doesn’t make this ambiguity any better. Well, maybe that wasn’t all that positive in the end. No one has commented recently on my cool pictures, though, so I’m going to trust that other people are currently busy with their own lives and thus may miss reading this post 🙂 And if you’re not and you did read this…. well go check out my picture posts and comment there instead. They’re much happier and prettier!

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Lizzy · September 4, 2011 at 9:34 am

Erica! I didn't know that you decided to leave Provo. Where are you at now?

Erica · September 4, 2011 at 8:36 pm

I'm living in Centerville for now, looking for a job. It's nice to be in a new place, and hopefully something will work out soon for employment, lol!

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