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It was a great weekend: amazing football game with the win against Utah State, General Conference, lots of family time, and an awesome singles outing to a cabin. I loved it. School today even went quite well, and I think I’m on my way to getting into a good groove. But, as we all know, the good comes with the not so good. And I guess that’s what’s on my mind at the moment.

You know you’ve had one too many bad relationships when you get anxious after meeting just one guy who could meet your standards. 

Lest that sound like I just met a guy, let me be clear that I have met other guys lately and gone on dates lately. It’s not just falling for the first guy, it’s meeting someone that you actually click with. That’s rare. I mean, there were moments when we both made the same comment at the same moment! Rare. But I feel anxious. Which is stupid, because … well for a number of reasons.  Just because it is ridiculous doesn’t mean it isn’t so, though. Thankfully school is consuming enough that I don’t have time to think of other things during the day. And I’m sure that most of this will pass in a day or two, maybe a week. Why? Oh, because he’s probably not interested. It won’t take long for that to be clear and I’ll get over it and go back to being satisfied with my singleness. It’s a whole lot safer there, for sure. 

Anyways. That’s all. I know something good will come. It’s a promise, one that’s sure to come true. I do know that. But getting there, like getting anywhere good, is not always the easiest thing. 

God will bless the broken road that’s leading me to you. (PS- feel free to walk faster)

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