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It was a cold and foggy night. The arctic breeze nipped at the bare legs of a dancer clad in shorts, a light sweatshirt, and sequined flats. Where was her coat? In her car. Why didn’t she get in her car and drive home? 

She locked her keys in her car. In the pocket of the jacket she decided she didn’t really need. The coat that she locked in her car. A mistake she didn’t realize until the end of rehearsal, thus eliminating any chance that her spare key would drive from Springville to save the day. Not at 9:30 at night. 

And that is why, on a cold and foggy night, a shivering cold dancer paid and arm and a leg for a man to take his sweet time to drive out, spend 2 minutes unlocking the car, then 8 more charging her for it. 

In other news, you should come watch her dance this week at the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert! It will be spectacular! 

(Just don’t have her think outside of the normal routine, unless you don’t care about your keys!) 
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