The last six months

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Well, obviously a lot has happened in the last six months. And to be completely honest, I didn’t take very many pictures during that time to begin with. Once you figure in all the ones I deleted as of late, well… it’s a pretty sparse selection. Here are some favorites!
Mark was nice enough to let me take him on a date to hike the Y. 

Classic Mark pose. 

Hideous yet funny bedspreads at Motel 6. 

An ashtray that says “No Smoking”…. where’s the logic in that one?

Best place ever!!

Aww, cutesy wootsy. And I was there, too. 

That awesome John Cusack movie “Serendipity”? We had dinner at that restaurant! 

So much ice cream sundae!!!

Splashed by the dolphins at the Mirage.

Now you may be wondering why there are four trainers at the dolphin pool. They could just be bored. Or, they could be working to keep the dolphins calm after a rather large guest managed to fall over the retaining wall and into the tank! And considering the standing ledge on the pool side of the low wall, it’s kind of miraculous that she managed to actually fall in the water. 

Cute dolphins. I’ve decided I want to swim with dolphins before I die. 

They did some fun tricks for us when the trainers fed them. 


The friendly dolphin who showed off but didn’t splash us. We’re besties. 

Dolphins not cool enough? Big cats (not pictured on my blog I guess) not cool enough? How about a nightly volcano eruption! We were pretty far away but you could still feel the heat surge with the flames. 

Contemplative mustachio me. 

Awesome seats at the bar at the Rainforest Cafe, MGM. 

Mandalay Bay. This is where I would go if I wanted to stay in Vegas. 
And that’s all she wrote for now! I had to get these up so I could share my quilting and peaching adventures. 

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