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For those who may not know, I’m am currently awaiting a phone call to invite me to interview as an editor at a Utah publishing house!! (Maybe I should have written that previous sentence better, then?) Anyways, I’m super stoked about just applying to that job and am really working to make connections in the industry and sell myself as best I can. Which brings me to my little brag moment. I don’t think I brag on myself very much… in fact, I imagine the opposite could generally be said of me. Lately I have had a rather difficult time claiming my personal victories and seeing them as the wonderful things they are. So this is also a practice in appropriate self-esteem.  … Okay, I’ll stop editorializing.


What I am so excited to present to you is my personal tagline! A new friend of mine helped me find some company connections at this publishing house and I’m prepping to do some informational interviews with them. He recommended preparing an elevator pitch, so I am dutifully completing my homework today and working on that. Boy, it is tough work!! After Google-ing how to create an elevator pitch (thank you, Harvard!), I then had to Google how to create a personal tag line. I managed to come up with two, but here is the one that just seems so golden to me. Please tell me what you think about it, or if you have a suggestion for an even more awesome tagline for me! Here it is: 

I am Erica Burgin and I choreograph words and create solutions. 

This picture doesn’t have much to do with the tagline, but it’s recent and it shows my awesome target skills!

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