It’s only Tuesday?

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Time is a mysterious thing. It boggles my mind to consider that time only exists for mortals. How does that work on the other side? Does it have something to do with the E=MC2? The speed of light? That we’ll be so filled with literal light that time slows down or does its funky time-ness and…… well, I can’t really complete what I’m thinking there because I didn’t study much about physics. But yes. Time. Is a wheel that keeps on turning, always moving us around (Thanks LeeAnn). 

I can’t believe it is only Tuesday. Monday seems rather far away. Maybe because I actually did things yesterday. For example, I went and got fingerprinted so I can be a substitute teacher in Granite School District. Ideal? No. Something to do and get money for? Yes. After that, I visited my sis-in-law Michelle, and her kids. Actually, my brother was there too, but he was home sick from work so… we didn’t visit much. His kids are super cute, as is his wife. (He’s a lucky guy!!) We had a fun time just talking and playing together. Then I went to WalMart — I know, but it really is cheap and I’m on a tight budget these days — and who should I see getting out of the car in front of me, but my Grandma Burgin! I haven’t visited with her since before I left this summer. Long story short…. she lives about one street away from my ex and I just couldn’t bring myself to get that close to those memories. I’m really glad we saw each other though! It’s nice to visit with family, not to mention important. We didn’t talk super long since I had to get dinner and go to FHE. It was a Halloween dance and I went as a nerd. And I watched “The Interpreter” after the dance. Fascinating flick. 

Sorry, my iPod doesn’t have the greatest camera and I didn’t figure out the best way to transfer it to my  computer…

Well, just got the email that I didn’t get the Financial Aid Counselor position at the U of U. I guess I’m happy that I don’t have to change my colors…. yes, I’m happy that I get to remain true to my BYU colors. I’m going to watch some Dancing With the Stars now. 

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