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I have been working hard today, I promise. It started off with working on my PowerPoint Presentation for my 2nd interview this week. Very excited for that! I got through all the basics of getting set up for a blog on Blogger (I’m teaching them how to do that) , and then I decided to amp up my example blog. There went the afternoon!! CSS, HTML, coding, parameters…. I was definitely in over my head. I finally was able to understand how to use a template and upload it. The new blog I created is a pet project that I’ve been stewing over for a while. I love the arts and humanities and have often thought it would be fun to post about those topics for the general enrichment of others. However, I don’t think readers of my personal blog necessarily want to be bombarded with that all the time; nor do I think readers about arts and humanities want to hear about my personal life drama. So it works out well to put it on another blog, one that isn’t exactly associated with me. I have no intention of linking out to my personal blog from the arts/humanities site, but you are all more than welcome to follow this link and hop on over! I hope that if you’re interested, you will follow the other blog and get an un-daily dose of culture, arts, humanities, etc. 

** Friends, assuming this other blog takes off, I know many of you are artistic in your own ways and I’d be happy to have you share your voice there as well! Let’s educate the world about the arts! 

Gateway to Art : please be aware that the cool stuff on the page is still under construction and hopefully will be less crazy and more awesome very soon. 

PS: did I mention that the post over there  is all about Halloween? 

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