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Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

One thing I really enjoy about November and Facebook is that so many people have jumped on the thankful-a-day bandwagon. It’s fun to see the good things in peoples’ lives. Positivity is a powerful influence! As I’ve been continuing the job search, as well as over the past few months, I’ve had ample opportunity to self-analyze. Which is why I really enjoy this quote from Emerson. As a transcendentalist founder, he believed in the innate goodness of man and nature. The soul was very important as part of man, and I think it there is great truth to the idea that nothing can bring you peace but yourself. I use my faith and religion, rather than transcendentalism, but the basic idea holds. External factors aren’t the true source of peace. It’s about the soul finding peace. 

Well, I didn’t mean to wax philosophical there. Where I meant to go was how my journey to finding peace has been closely related to how I look at the world around me: if I express thanks for the good things in my life. Here’s just a few of the things I’m thankful for this November!

1. I have an amazing family and extended family that loves me!
2. I am in a ward where I am making friends.
3. I get to sleep in a lot.
4. I have the chance to develop my writing skills through freelance employment.
5. I’m sort of employed (see #4 and substitute teaching).
6. I have the opportunity to dance in the Christmas Concert and Clog America.
7. I get to practice interviewing a lot. 
8. I got to enjoy a beautiful snow storm over the weekend.
9. I’m blessed with wonderful friends who are examples, pals, and personal cheerleaders.
10. I went to a great eye doctor who gave me a discount and is helping my eyes be happy. 
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