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My titles have been pretty boring lately. I’m sorry. I’ll work on that for ya’ll. Girls. Girls are pretty fun creatures. I had the great opportunity of spending some time with some friends in my ward tonight and it was a blast! My friend Raeann invited me and some of her other friends over for Sunday dinner after church. As I knew would happen if I went early, I kind of became a fixture in the kitchen. What can I say… I like to help and I like cooking. She had me put together her fruit salad and asked my opinion on the progress of the slow cooker food. She had a great meal put together, and I really enjoyed spending time with girls my age making dumb comments and jokes, laughing, and cooking. Some big personalities arrived for dinner, so I wasn’t so talkative then, but it was still very fun to hear their interesting stories and drama. I guess I’d forgotten what it is like to be around girls (or people my age) and just have a fun time and do whatever you feel like. I love living with my grandparents and I certainly can do whatever I want, but there’s moments when I miss the independence afforded by living on my own with roommates. The jokes and laughter. The shared time together. And yes, even some of the drama. (Just not too much.) 

I’m excited for this week. Tomorrow is a ward Hawaiian Thanksgiving (basically we’re having Hawaiian haystacks the week of Thanksgiving…??) and they sent around a list for dessert contributions. Actually, I believe it is something of a contest, and anyone who knows me knows that I am not at all competitive. Therefore, I have been contemplating my contribution for a week. I’ve decided on the Apple Caramel Cheesecake I made once before (I blogged about it back then). I’m debating on whether or not to do a legit cheesecake or divide it into two pie shells, or just put it in one like last time…. Suggestions? I hope it really is a contest and I hope I win it resoundingly!! I’ll be sure to take some pictures and document the cheesecake adventures tomorrow.

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