Secrets to Happiness

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Happiness. It can be elusive. For me, I’m always on the lookout for what makes me happy. Lately, I feel happier than ever, and I also feel like I am able to realize the why behind it. So here is today’s secret to happiness…

Celebrate your successes! After work, today, I stopped by WalMart to get some necessary items….. For my car. Windshield wipers, fluid, fuel injection cleaner, auto wipes. Bam. No help from a guy, just me and the automotive section. I felt like a million bucks as I walked out of the store! And I successfully did the fuel injection stuff, popped the hood, got it to stay up, and filled my wiper fluid. Bam.

Celebrate those moments of victory in your life! You will feel happier. 🙂

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