Day 12: D&C 33:17-18

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Be faithful, praying always, with trimmed lamps. Again,I am somewhat surprised at how direct a single verse can be in providing direction and insight. Knowing the broad arc of the scriptures is very useful, but I think I was missing something before I learned the power of a single verse. I love how we’re reminded of what we need to do to enable us to be prepared for The Lord. And I didn’t realize how pivotal prayer is in all that! It really make a difference in our preparation and progression. As I strive to improve, I find myself reminding myself daily that these musings are great, but the real power and testimony comes from the act of praying….speaking a prayer.

I need to go speak my prayer now. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to any and all who sent thoughts and prayers my way today. It was nuts at work, but the day was beautiful, with no emotional hangover from last year.. Or last night for that matter. Thanks, I love you, and happy Valentine’s day!


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