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I know, I know… I never re-capped on my prayer experience and 25 day walk with Christ… I guess I’ve been waiting for the right moment to review thoroughly and take personal inventory, but the short answer is I really enjoyed it. I had some great experiences, and I feel like it changed me on more than just a superficial level. 

Long mental pause… I was going to write some cool stuff, but I don’t really remember what it is now. I’ve been going country dancing twice a week for about a month now and it is fun fun! A few guys have done some nifty lifts with me which is a real treat, and dancing to fun music has been a wonderful way to get out, be social, and enjoy life! I’ve made a few friends and have really enjoyed myself. I also can’t complain about trimming off some of my winter hibernation jiggles… 🙂 . 

These past few days my knees have gone senior citizen on me. We had a 7 hour rehearsal on Saturday that left me pretty sore and exhausted, then dancing Monday night and again Tuesday night. Tonight I went to the temple and was standing up/sitting down a fair amount in my brief visit (40 mins or so). They were buthering me enough that at one point I wasn’t paying good attention to the section and instead was thinking of my old roommate Ananda and that she had once recommended a great joint supplement to me. FOR THE RECORD: I contacted Ananda a little later and she told me the supplement is Move Free. I intend to find some. Hopefully on my way to work tomorrow…. not that my knees are feeling achy still, no of course not! I do feel like I’m strengthening my knees a little, especially making my bad knee work harder and hopefully build muscle. I can still visually look and see the difference in muscle tone. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to maintain that strength on my left leg. Any athletic trainers read this? I’d love a few tips on how to target my inner quads that attach to my knee and build those up! I also have had tight muscles all around, which contributed to lower back pain on and off and on since December. I’ve decided to look into yoga and see if stretching will help that stuff out. Taking the last year+ off dancing kind of took it’s toll. But in my defense several of those months I was kind of taking time off from life too. Enough about my rebuilding journey though. 

Speaking of rebuilding – lol – I may very well be moving in the next few weeks! Like, for real! One of my roommates from last fall in Fort Union is buying a house and was looking for roommates! We got along well, and I know she’s really fun and social. I also think I’ll be a better roommate this time around, too. After all the searching and wondering and waiting, it turns out I very well may be living with someone I know AND be in one of the YSA wards that I’ve heard extremely positives reviews about. I feel good about it and am excited with the prospect of moving on and continuing to renew my life as spring comes and renews the earth. So sentimental, I know….

Sigh. Life is decent. I’m pretty happy. I’m content in my job. I’m healthy. Aside from not going to bed at 10pm, I’ve got healthier habits going on in my life: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, etc. I don’t have any recent pictures, sadly. In fact, I don’t think I have any pictures showing my new, slightly darker blonde hair color! Well, Saturday is the SLC St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and I’ll be sure to bring my camera with me on that adventure. In the meantime, here are two older pics to commemorate Irish dance, Ireland, and the joy of posing for photos to go in your own Master’s thesis. Yes, those are my legs and feet. Good? Bad? I passed my thesis defense and have my MA now so I’ll just go with it.  🙂

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