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It started out with a question about my smile. I love my smile. It’s grown from where it used to be in my teenage years.  It is slightly lopsided, and you can see at least one dimple 99% of the time. When I am sincerely really truly happy, I have two dimples. I love my smile. And my dimples. And the crinkly eyes that come with all of that. 

I used to be pretty smart and would post interesting things on my blog. Now that I’m less involved in school, that has declined a bit. I hope to improve on that. 
I still love basically the same things, and the same things make me happy. Family, friends, dance, my kindle, peanut butter cups, sunshine… I still love BYU football; if I’m cooking and trying new recipes I’m definitely in a good place in life, and when I enjoy the seasons I’m also doing really well. I’m happy to report that these subtle signs are occurring these days. 
I’m very blessed in how many cool places I’ve been able to travel to and visit. It’s definitely not the normal flow of life for an average joe. Of course, my dance friends are not normal joes either, so it’s easy to forget that we live quite cool lives. 
I do take some good pictures now and then. I’ve got a deal for a 20 page photo book… I’m thinking I’ll do artistic highlight shots from my years on tour. And I may include other trips, in case I got some amazing shots other times. 
I loved the relief society broadcast tonight. I didn’t love seeing the space where I used to dance and knowing I wasn’t good enough, or at least wasn’t politically connected enough to make the cut. I’ve never been on the right side of dance politics anywhere I’ve danced. 
I did not work out today. I did do some great house cleaning, though. I need a dentist and eye doctor ASAP. I want to hang art on my walls, and I need to eat two paintings mounted. And now I am tired and need to sleep. Oh, and my travel purse broke. MAJOR bummer. 

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