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Sometimes when my mind is staying occupied consistently with interesting or important data, it forgets little things… the precise word I’d like to use, a conversation I’ve had on a topic, an event that occurred in the past. Generally, I can eventually tap into those seemingly innocuous memories that are niggling to be recalled. Since the need for recall is often triggered by a current event, the memory becomes important and useful to the present time. 

For example, my back started hurting yesterday after work. I sit at a desk all day and hadn’t done anything crazy or strenuous. I knew this happened around winter last year as well, but all last night I could not remember what on earth caused it to happen. All I know is I slept on a heating pad for the next several weeks…. months… yeah. 

Thank goodness I didn’t completely neglect my blog last year, because the winter posts triggered that memory! I pulled my back last year while climbing over the seats in my brother’s suburban while my mom was in town! This doesn’t really help explain why my back all of a sudden has started hurting the same way again, but at least it finally came to me. I refuse to admit the temporary forgetting as a function of age; rather, it’s an illustration of how occupied my mind is these days. 

Yep, we’ll go with that! 🙂
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Jenny Alama · November 20, 2013 at 7:35 pm

It could be because of the changing weather. My wrists and hips ache around this time of year. Not so much changing to spring though. And I'm going to use your excuse for forgetting too. 🙂

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