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It’s been a lovely week so far! Busy beyond all belief, but lovely. I’ve had so many things come up that I want to blog about, but I thought I’d start with this short gem. (I think the days of me writing longer blog posts are waning…. short’s the way to go it seems, if I want to fit it into my life anymore.)

I have a bad habit of checking Facebook in the morning at some point, whether it’s before work or shortly after arriving. I feel somewhat justified in this currently because we have some online campaigns going that have a strong social media backing, so I like to keep tabs on how that’s going. Speaking of, you should visit Children’s Miracle Network and add a child to your holiday list this season. Help us count down to zero!

Anyways, the west and now the midwest have enjoyed a lovely arctic winter storm this week. So naturally, images and comments on Facebook relating to hot chocolate are more prevalent. We’re not going to break above freezing for a week here — who wouldn’t want hot chocolate? Anyways, I’m scrolling down and read the following, one juxtaposed to the other. 

So how many of you have cracked open the hot cocoa?
We made Lettuce Wraps on Home & Family on Hallmark

Channel USA#Yummo #HealthyEating -Nina

Somewhere between this pictures I think we get the explanation of how real life is different from media life. 

Bring on the chocolate!!

(P.F. Chang’s, anyone?)
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