Pennsylvania Apples

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Last weekend, Dave and I drove up to Baltimore to spend some time with Jenelle and Jeff before General Conference. I love having a few friends out here that are close enough to visit on the weekends or the occasional day off. Jenelle and I had time to take a short(ish) walk together and it was so soul-soothing to have that connection and just be who I always have been. Navigating marriage and a new city and looking for a new job and fitting into a new ward…. there’s so many new things going on that it is truly precious to spend some time with a friend who has known me for ten years, through all sorts of other “new” phases. Those twenty minutes were probably some of the most precious for me. However, Jenelle and Jeff are awesome at finding cool local events to attend! So early on Saturday morning, we hopped in the car and drove off for Gettysburg – and the local apple festival in the next town over.

Making cider with an antique engine. You could smell how sweet the apples were! It only took about 5-10 mins for them to get apples through the cutter/chopper thing, then pressed into the white bucket and strained twice before being poured into half-gallons. 

Apple pancakes for breakfast!

The shyest little apple-worm you ever did see.

Aww, look at all of us having a blast

Miniature horses in the petting barn

A nifty steam engine hooked up to an old-fashioned shingle-making machine

The apple orchards

Being silly in the orchard – I’m pretty sure Dave was smiling 
The Smith Family

Dave sometimes talks during picture time

Jenelle made a joke about us being newlyweds and all over each other, hence we had to ham it up and create some lovely photographic proof of such! You can’t see it, but he started the funny kissing and trying to eat my face. Sadly, I’m the only one that looks truly strange. 

We eventually got a kiss in, despite our silliness

Obligatory jumping picture!!


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