Giving thanks #1

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I think I will blog my thankfuls this November. I’m doing a bit less on social media like Facebook these days, as some groups in the world would target not just defenders of freedom, but their families too. I do love sharing, though, so I will probably make this my main space to share pictures and stories. Anyways…

Today I am thankful for my husband!! I know, I should save that for a day when I can’t think what I’m thankful for, but we just had such a wonderful day together and I’ve been thinking how thankful I am for him basically all day. He is a 100% support in our marriage, always by my side – and usually literally by my side!! From the spouse information session this morning, to grocery shopping on his turf, to driving and eating and driving, to stake conference and all the meetings, he is there. 
We laugh. We smile. We eat mac and cheese in our flannel pants while watching movies. And we kiss a lot. I love my number one blessing – my Rollo!!
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