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The stake president spoke briefly about the music of the gospel – how the way we live our lives can be evidence of the gospel acting within us. He mentioned many types of people as quiet examples of this – the woman with cancer who fed the presidency between meetings, the scout leader who prepares a lesson for his son each week. And then, in what I’m pretty positive was a nod to us, he mentioned the new parents who don’t get much sleep. 

I had already been in and out with Elsie at least twice. For the cumulative hour I was able to sit and listen, I probably yawned about ten times. And then Dave took her out too to help her fall asleep. He was just walking in when President Watterson made the comment. I appreciated his words. It seems to me a recognition that of all the places we could be right then, both of us wanted to hear the words of the adult session of conference and brought Elsie along, no matter how much up and down, in and out that meant. 
She’s usually quite easy for us but tonight was a bit harder and in public. But I’m glad we were there. I’m thankful for the music of the gospel in our little family. 
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