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I don’t want to say much on this. My body made another human being – and a super cute one at that! I was pretty okay with how I grew. I was definitely on the small side with how I carried her, plus I didn’t gain lots of extra weight beyond the recommendations. 

Now baby is out and it’s been a bit more of an adjustment. It could be the long recovery from surgery. It really did take almost six weeks before I felt like I could walk at my normal pace. It also left a scar – which isn’t so bad, but how the muscles and skin sit around the scar bothers me sometimes. 
I fit into some of my old “fat” jeans! So I’m happy to be back to one of my old bodies, even if it wasn’t my smallest or most favorite. I’m still fluffy even though I can button said pants. 
This week I’ve started working out! It’s fun to sweat and move my body. I’m thrilled that I feel good enough to exercise and motivated to do so. I’m trying to remember to be patient with myself and focus on what matters most – my beautiful girl. I’m happy to sacrifice for her. And I’m happy to be able to balance both our needs. 
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