My Five Bests

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  1. Best baby advice: sing to them! I just got my fussy baby to sleep with a few simple lullabies, and it has always been a way for me and my children to connect and even break a negative behavior cycle. Music does amazing things!
  2. Best family ritual: talking a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner. This totally came about as a coping mechanism for the witching hour with my toddler, then quickly became a cherished activity as we got to see all the Christmas lights! We will even skip doing dishes to make sure we get that family walk in each night. And even though we are moving away from tropical Florida, I’m hoping to continue the tradition in many homes to come.
  3. Best cleaning advice: hire it out! Haha, advice I should have followed this week as we are up to our eyeballs in packing and moving prep. So I’m using my next best tip- clean as you go and use the energy when it strikes you.
  4. Best show on Netflix: The Office. We restarted for the unpteenth time to give us some comedic relief during the stress of the last three weeks. It’s the perfect mental escape for us.
  5. Best chore hack: listen to a great audiobook or watch a favorite show. Laundry needs folding? Sign me up! I love folding laundry while watching my guilty pleasure show each Monday (Dancing With The Stars, in case you’re curious). Ditto for washing dishes, or even time consuming bakes.
  6. BONUS! Best way to avoid packing: write a blog post! Haha, but seriously, it’s been a long long day, and I wanted to highlight and remember the good moments we’ve had today. Because even though life is chaos, I am sooo blessed and thankful. I know my Heavenly Father is guiding our steps, and I’m excited to see where He leads us.
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