My baby isn’t a baby, exactly…

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… and I’m in denial! My littlest turns 2 this month, and I can hardly believe that time has passed so quickly. In some ways, it’s been a real treat to savor each milestone. Knowing this was my last baby, I relished all the progress and even challenges in a way that I hadn’t fully done with my previous two kids. It’s pretty easy to appreciate even the hard moments when you know it won’t always be like this.

I think something more fundamental has finally sunk in for me. Instead of parenting to get my kids to behave a certain way, I’m practicing how to love them for who they are, exactly where they are. One small thing that has helped me grow that perspective is this sweetly illustrated story, If I Could Keep You Little.

Written in charming rhyme, this book highlights the balancing act of parenting: relishing the tender moments of sweet little children while also encouraging them to grow up into the next versions of themselves. Sometimes I read this to my big kids to help them understand why mommy might be holding them tight, while other times the story helps them realize the fun and adventures ahead as they grow up! And by the end, when I’m usually tearing up just a little, I’m reminded too of how great it is to be a parent, and that letting go is just as precious as holding on tightly.


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