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Today I happened across some blogs, Facebook updates and pictures, etc that shared the joys of other people: their marriages, their coming babies and so on. While I am confident that my turn will come and it will have been worth the wait, sometimes I wonder what its like. What is it like to be married and attending school? What’s it like to have a best friend like that? What is it like to know that you have a family of your own and are bringing a new spirit to this world? What is it like to be engaged? What is it like to be a parent at 25? Some of those experiences, like being married and in school and all that comes with that, I’ll never know the answer to. Thankfully, the others I will get answers to eventually, more or less. (Not the parent at 25 one!) Still, days and moments come when I feel like I missed out on something, just a little bit. 

Lest ye think I’m ‘woe-is-me’ about this, though, I then contemplated the things I have done. Traveling to Europe, for example. (Of course, I then wonder what it’s like to travel the world with a husband who loves that as well and…. well, I just hope I find someone who can satisfy my wanderlust.) Reading oodles of books into the wee hours of the night. Performed with numerous dance companies. Danced for over 20 years. Good things; different things. Sometimes it just makes me think. 

I decided to play with Photoshop while I pondered my awesome traveling adventures, and here are the results. I think I’m getting better with this program, at least in editing pictures. I don’t know much about photoshopping someone into a picture or layering different photos, but.. baby steps. 

Versailles, France

Known for its opulence, these following pictures reflect some of that French Baroque style and lots of the bright colors that await the eager eye of the traveler. 

Bayonne, France

What would I give for some legit European chocolate?? Feel free to send some my way!
Figuiera de Foz, Portugal

Chapel in a Castle. Remember how my Colombiano lover finally talked to me that day? I miss exchanging winks and smiles with him over breakfasts of bread, jam, and hot chocolate.

Dare I say I miss the beach too? This one was a bit cold and vicious when we were there, but it was still so much fun to see and hear the massive waves crashing as we tried not to get tagged by the them on their beachward progress.

Saintes, France

I still haven’t looked up Victor Hugo to see if he spent much time in this area. Hm. Apparently Victor Hugo is the name of the Rue (street, in French).  Well, despite being tricked into getting 2 crepes instead of just one, the Creperie Victor Hugo proffered some excellent cuisine. I want a crepe maker like they have!

Point du Hoc, Normandy, France

I worked on this photo a while to try and create the sense that it is old. The landscape, of course, is what it looks like today, but I think I did a decent job giving it the grainy and washed-out look that many 40’s-50’s era photos have. I think. 


Meridith · September 11, 2011 at 2:11 am

Nice post, Erica. I love your pictures–you did a great job editing them. I really related to what you wrote at the beginning of this post. Sometimes I feel a little like I'm missing out on life, but then I'm also so glad that I've been able to do all the things I've done.

Amelia Brame · September 11, 2011 at 6:45 pm

I know what you mean about wondering how life will be if I had this, or if I could do this, etc, etc. I did and STILL do this all the time 🙂 One thing that really helped me- was to make a list of everything I wanted to accomplish before I got married. Run a marathon, be an EFY counselor, go on a mission, travel abroad, etc… I know you've already DONE lots of those but maybe you can think of some others. Then I felt good about myself when I could check one off- and it made me feel good about not being married yet. I STILL do this, too! We're not able to start a family yet- which makes me sad sometimes… but if I make a list of things I want to accomplish BEFORE our family does start, it takes my mind off of what I can't have right now.
ANYWAY- just an idea 🙂

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