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I have never considered myself to be a big quoter. Take movies, for example. Sure, I watch movies and pick up on the funny lines in them. But very rarely do I use movie lines in my general conversations with people; nor do my general conversations trigger thoughts of movies in my mind. I’m even worse with song lyrics because half the time I don’t know what the lyrics really say. I listen to the music of the music, not the words of it, generally. But books… well after today I think that I just may be something of a word nerd. 

I had a few instances today where various short phrases triggered thoughts of different literary works in my mind. (Of course, I got interrupted between the time I started blogging and the time I got to these examples, so I only remember the most recent one.) For some reason, I thought that bar exam results were announced today. My brother took the bar exam, so it’s sort of a big deal for him to know if he has passed the bar. Despite not being particularly versed in the poem (haha, versed in a poem, haha) I immediately thought of “Crossing the Bar” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. 

Man, I wish I had focused, because this was going to be such a smart little blog entry, and now it’s sort of….. odd and short. 

In other news, I have started reading David McCullough’s 1776 and I’m pretty sure that I’m already in love with it! And I have some job testing tomorrow and potential interviews with DYNO (submitted a resume to a special contact person). Things are starting to roll… now if only I knew which way they were going!
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