Three Summer Reads For Any Mood

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If there’s one common theme I’ve noticed in my reading habits, it’s that I tend to like certain types of books in certain seasons of life. They don’t always correspond with the actual seasons (although I do really like reading mysteries or thrillers in October). More like, what can my brain handle right now? If I’m going to tackle a hefty non-fiction title, I want to be in the right headspace for it.

This summer, I’ve been reading mostly fiction – some light romances, beach reads, fantasy, and historical fiction. Nothing heavy, just enjoyable and light. In fact, I was listening to Honeymoon for One by Portia MacIntosh while jogging the other day and basically laughed out loud because it was so hilarious! (Sidenote: it definitely wasn’t the jogging making me laugh. That’s hard work for me.) So if you’re looking for just the right book for your mood, take a look at these three.

The Party Crasher by Sophie Kinsella

Looking for something quirky, hilarious, with an undercurrent of navigating family and romantic relationships, look no further! Effie deeply loves her family and their unique Victorian home, but she can’t stomach her dad’s new girlfriend, Krista, and all the changes happening at home. Then Krista leaves Effie off the guest list for a “house-cooling” party before her childhood home is sold. She’s ready to let that go, until she remembers that she never got her treasured nesting dolls out of the house! There’s no option but to sneak in and crash the party to find her dolls. And who should she run into while hiding in a bush to make her way in, but the former love of her life who left her heartbroken years ago!

Over the course of the party, Effie must come to terms with the past, including her parents’ divorce and her broken heart, before she can step into a future.

The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman

Want to feel like you’re vacationing in Italy? Snap up this story, which takes you through central Italy while Emilia digs deeper into a family curse – a curse that keeps all second sisters from finding true love. Emilia, her cousin Lucy, and Great-Aunt Poppy are each second sisters, and their trip to Italy teaches them more about who they must be as individuals to find love and happiness, rather than living in the shadow of a curse. The descriptions of the Italian countryside and food will make you feel like you’re trekking right along with the girls, and the unraveling family secrets will keep you on your toes!

The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan

In a world of very hyped books, I feel like this WWII novel slid under the radar, and I’m here to change that! I adored reading this book about 4 women competing to join a BBC radio show about cooking nutritious and tasty food in spite of rationing. The competitors must create meals using only available rations and whatever they can harvest locally from their gardens. All from the same village, Audrey, Lady Gwendoline, Nell, and Zelda have intersecting lives and compelling reasons for each of them to fight for the win. Competing brings about growing friendships, confessions, and many fascinating time-period recipes. Reading this felt like The Great British Baking Show and a historical fiction book had a baby, and I loved it!

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