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Okay, confession time. While I adore books, I don’t do a great job keeping up with what’s new or being released soon. Maybe it’s from a sense of self-preservation, since I use my library for most of my book reading and I don’t like waiting in interminable queues? Either way, I felt really proud of myself for doing some research and learning about some great books coming out this summer! I’ve already added these ones to my reading list and can’t wait to get started!

The First Ladies by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray
Published June 27, 2023

When I saw that Marie Benedict had a new novel being published this summer, I was elated! She consistently does a phenomenal job telling the stories of women in history, many who have been forgotten or overlooked through the ages. She writes some of my favorite historical fiction, and I can’t wait to dive into this newest one. Having read The Personal Librarian from the duo already, this newest book promises to be a riveting and insightful look into the lives of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune and the civil rights movement.

The Bookbinder by Pip Williams
Coming August 1, 2023

You can never go wrong with a good historical fiction novel, in my opinion, especially if it has to do with books! Add to that the fact that it’s a book about books and publishing? I’m all in. Set in 1914 in Oxford, England, two sisters are working in the book bindery. Surrounded by knowledge but not necessarily able to access it, this novel explores the different goals of these two sisters and how knowledge can change lives.

Congratulations, the Best Is Over!: Essays by R. Eric Thomas
Coming August 8, 2023

As a self-admitted perfectionist practicing how to relax a bit, this title completely jumped out at me! I often need a reminder that things will turn out okay, even if they don’t go according to plan. This collection of essays promises to hook you with humor and harness you with hope for the days ahead.

Do you keep up with new releases, or do you wait for a buzz to get going around a book before adding it to your reading list?

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