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I auditioned tonight for a special pointe dance number in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. Despite not having had formal pointe training for something like 10 years (give or take a year here and there) I figured I might do all right. For what it’s worth, I did stay through the whole audition. For the bow, the pianist played “Edelweiss” and it seemed to me that I saw my unfulfilled dream of performing on pointe finally wing its way into the land of rest. Some things don’t come back around, I guess. At age 25, I’m far beyond the peak of my ballet dancing days, and I’m even on the wrong side of the age spectrum for many professional ballet dancers who are actually trained and amazing in their craft. I tried, though. I’ve got the blister to prove it. And now I can humbly move forward with the dance talents I do still have. And perhaps one day in the eternities, I’ll get that chance that has evaded me in this life. 

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