Peaks and Valleys

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I was reading yesterday about a man who complained that life always seemed to be on an up and down rollercoaster… never smoothing out into a nice balance. He happened to be complaining to a nurse, who observed that if you’re in the hospital, the peaks and valleys on the heart monitor indicate you’re alive! No one wants to get a flat line there. 

It’s true. Life is a continual series of peaks and valleys, reminding us that we are alive, living, learning, and growing. Monday was a day like no other for peaks and valleys. There’s a few things in limbo for me right now, which is a phase of living that I really don’t care for and really don’t thrive in. I dislike limbo. Nor am I particularly patient in limbo. Clearly, there’s some learning and growing for me to go through right now. 

So limbo. I’ve been in limbo for a bit. A valley to be sure. About when I entered limbo, though, my new roommate moved in! She is awesome. All three of us are getting along well, and I think she’s a great catalyst to bring us together. Fun, outgoing, supportive… definitely a peak. 

Work – another peak in my life. I love my job! It’s rewarding and fulfilling, and I am good at what I do. I got some exciting news on Monday about upcoming events, which was definitely a big peak! I’ll be sure to elaborate more on that when I get the full details 🙂 . 

Peak: I went ice skating at the Olympic Oval last night and had a great time with the ward! I met some new people I hadn’t talked to much in the past. Guys and girls. I also realized that I’m a decent (not great, but definitely not bad) skater, and that I really do have strong legs that don’t tire easily. We won’t mention the knees…..

Peak: I’ve been doing SO GOOD on my goals of scripture reading and prayer so far this year. Some days it’s a little harder to feel the peace, comfort, and tranquility that these usually bring, but I know it’s there somewhere. I feel like my relationship with the Lord is improving. That’s very important to me. 

Peak: This one might be a questionable peak, but I hit and surpassed my weight goals for the holidays. I wanted to drop a few pounds (literally, like 2) by getting a bit more in shape. Over the two months of Zero Weigh In challenge, I actually lost a bit more than 5 lbs! I had fasted the day before the weigh in, so I think that might have dropped me a few more, but a solid 5 is very nice. My next goal is to work on muscle tone and cardio endurance. 

Peak: I have friends and family who love me and care about me. 

Peak: I am involved in a fantastic dance company that supports me individually and really cares about me as a person. We are also pretty dang good dancers, which doesn’t hurt.

Peak: I finally went grocery shopping! I need to go again and get some menu ideas going on, but I am somewhat better stocked and finally have breakfast foods again. Yum!

Peak: I moved to the master room in our house and have a sweet bathtub in my bathroom. I love it. And I have a bay window. And hopefully I will find a few of my monkey hooks so I can hang a picture or two. 

Peak: I have good books on my Kindle! Admittedly, I’m currently reading an old one simply because I know it will be a good brain escape (it’s very hard to find things that will occupy my brain so I can stop over-thinking), but I’m excited to start my new gift “And the Mountains Echoed” and a recommendation from my sister in law. Can’t remember the name, but I did buy it!

Valley: Limbo. Always has been and always will be hard for me. Gone through some various stages of sadness on this one. I’m not sure where I stand at this point. All I know is who I want to be and how I want to live my life. 

Valley: Delynne Peay, one of my dearest dance professors in college, passed away last night. She had a major role in the course of my life through college, and even beyond. She was passionate about dance, culture, and the great good that comes through these facets. I danced on her team for two years, and remained close to her even after I finished my time with folk dance officially. She was vivacious, compassionate, and always pushed us to be our best. The Lord calls us to different missions at different times – she made a profound difference in my life and helped me discover a passion I didn’t know I had. She believed in me and my skills. It has been so impressive to see the response from all the dancers whose lives she touched. I’m thankful to be part of her folk dance family and pray that her immediate family feels the peace and comfort they desire at this time. 


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