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It’s a lot harder growing a baby than I ever imagined. Some have it pretty easy. Some have it way hard. I definitely fall in the middle ground and probably towards the easy side, but I’m still surprised some days (weeks). Aside from the physical changes and limitations, there are the occasional emotional flare ups, which generally just add to the physical wear and tear of a day. It looks far more glamorous in blogs and on Instagram than it feels in real life. 

That said, I had a moment today where I could feel where baby was leaning in me. I of course touched around to see if she would kick or move in response to me. She didn’t, but at that moment it seemed as though I could see her inside me, a very real little girl who is part of our family. I cried. Mostly from fear that I won’t be the mother she deserves. But also for the wonder of this new person coming to earth. It was a hint of motherly love. I guess I’m really growing up now. 
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