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This is just a short teaser of a longer post to come, as time is waning tonight. I just got back from seeing SAVION GLOVER!!!! He is arguably the best tap dancer ever, and after seeing him dance tonight I surely can see why! His style is effervescent, earthy, and humble. His grasp and play with rhythms is incredible. And his foot speed? Mind-boggling. Literally. I also loved the other tap guy who danced with him tonight… I forget his name at the moment but he’s got Jr. at the end so I’ll call him Junior for now. Junior is older. He is amazing! He created incredible sound paintings by altering his tone and timbre. At one point I felt like I was listening to him dance a rain storm! But this is a teaser… I’ll have to elaborate more when I’m not so tired. 

Loved seeing old tap friends there! Two of my good good tap friends were there and I haven’t seen them in ages! They’re both cute mommies now of even cuter baby girls. Love them. I also got to visit a good folk dance friend (who I still get to see thanks to Clog America) and partake of delicious Guru’s sweet potato fries and Marco Polo pasta. It’s LOADED with garlic. 🙂 

Visited with my little bro for a few minutes. Literally. He’s a busy guy! Talked with another great friend and may or may not have actually said that I miss Provo. Saw a random guy who took me out before but then wasn’t interested because there was another girl on his radar at the time. Eh. He has kinda big lips anyways. It never would have worked. 

Time for sleep. I’m nodding off writing this!  Coming soon: more Savion details. Pictures of the furniture I built ALL BY MYSELF. No man required. And…. that’s all I can think of. Need sleep. 
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Jackie · November 16, 2011 at 4:11 pm

SOOOOO good to see you. You looked gorgeous.

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