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In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have seven brothers.  Yup. 7. Brothers. Boys, every one of them. And as the only girl, I think some may wonder how I escaped that experience being so… feminine. I imagine my mom had a big hand in that, especially since she got me involved in dance. THANKS MOM!!! In so many ways, though, I’m very not girly. I was reminded of that today when I stopped by the store to get some prep items for the big bridesmaid day tomorrow.

  1. Biotin – to help my hair grow faster and better.
  2. Veet – to remove unwanted leg hair. Yes, this is the first time in my 26 yrs of life that I have ever used something besides a razor to manage my legs!
  3. Nail polish – ok, so I’ve bought this before, but I rarely wear it. It’s the maintenance… takes too much time. But for pictures tomorrow, I am determined to put my best, most nicely-polished foot forward. 
  4. Body spray – again, another item I’ve bought in the past but have managed to live without all summer long, since my standard ones are packed in some box in my storage unit. See what I mean about not being super girly in some ways??
  5. Did I mention that it has also taken until this summer for me to really wear lipstick rather consistently? Stage makeup is one thing, but everyday lipstick is something I’ve ignored until lately. Thanks mom for having an awesome color for me to “borrow” and get hooked!
I thought I could share some pictures for comparison – you know, regular me and girly me. Um, I’ll let you pick which is which!!

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