Next stop … rainy Swiss Days

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Heare ye, heare ye! Welcome to ye olde towne Midway! 
So happy to be out in the rain… with an umbrella. That made it great. 

For whatever reason, I felt like these wood carvings really embodied the European spirit of Swiss Days. 

Tree spirits?

Thanks to Kyle, I always notice canes. Should have tried my cane strut with these beauties!

Old world charm on a tent

Ok, this is a little racy, perhaps, but I went to this festival days after my friend Jenelle got married. So this is for her! 

This is for me….

This one too!

And who doesn’t want to tell time in chocolates?

Mustard, saurkraut, pickles, sausage, cheese, and pumpernickel or rye (not sure which it was)  
Knockwurst sandwiches!! This is Jeff’s happy face but tired of pictures…

Lines in the food area and the weather clearing up! It was the first feeling of fall.

I liked my knockwurst sandwich very much!

And that is Midway Swiss Days!


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