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Basque region of France – grape arbor

I totally borrowed that title idea from a friend of mine on Facebook (we are also friends in real life, but I saw that idea on Facebook). Today was the day when I interviewed for an office manager position in Kaysville. I realized that despite being a “grown-up” of sorts, I still don’t think in terms of long-term commitments. Can I see myself sticking around here for three years? Probably. Five years? Whoa buddy, whipping out the big guns! I didn’t see myself staying in Centerville for much more than a month… and it has been so long now that I’ve had to go “shopping” at my storage unit for my winter clothes, coats, etc. Speaking of which, I’m really befuddled as to where my shoes are. I swear I had a trash can filled with shoes. I know I did. The can must be well hidden in the unit, because I couldn’t spot it. I was even climbing around on my nightstands to get a better vantage point and visit my stuff. 

Did I mention that sometimes I just miss my stuff and have been known to go to the storage unit just to look at it? Yeah…. It’s true. My bed. Oh my beautiful wonderful bed!!! My dresser and nightstands that I built myself. Go IKEA. My bookshelf. My pictures. No idea where those are at…. My books. It’s a good thing they are packed or I would spend too much time just looking at them and thinking of reading them. I would like to find where Swann’s Way, by Marcel Proust, is at. I never really read the whole thing and I think I’m ready to try it the second time. 

Tomorrow I have an interview as an education consultant for a company in Salt Lake. I should also be hearing back from Granite School District about whether or not my fingerprints cleared for me to be a substitute teacher. I need to follow through on a freelance writing job as well and get them the forms back. Can I just say it? I keep holding out for the real job. That’s what I want. But I’ve also learned that what I want isn’t necessarily where I need to be headed. So on this Whens-day I am again working on finding my path in this nice big world!

Best un-edited picture from 2011 Basque region. Even my photographer friend (Fez Alama) said it was good! I will confess, it was partly luck. Mostly luck. But it’s still awesome!

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Jenny Alama · October 26, 2012 at 2:43 pm

These are beautiful pictures! I missed out going to the grape arbor. Darn it… Good luck with all the job potentials!! We're rooting for you!

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