Thursday Times

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What an interesting day. Good moment: I had a great interview with the company InContact for an Education Consultant position. Basically I’d be training people all the time! I have a second interview next week where they get to see me in action, so I’m looking forward to that. Bad moment: super lame rehearsal. Seriously, we sat all too much time tonight. There were also some interesting cuts (?) made that were rough on all the girls except the 12 who got the top spot. It was not very fun. I did not enjoy it. Obviously, I was not one of the blessed 12. Darn favorites. Granted some girls really deserved it from their dancing. Some I think I was just as good as. Oh well. So tonight was a rough venting night for a bit. And I’m excited for Friday!! It will be an exciting day for sure, if for no other reason than it will be better than tonight. 

Happiness not a destination; it’s a way of life. 
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