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Wow, who knew that your local Public Broadcasting Service was so incredible?? After tonight, I’m sold! It’s their fundraising time, so I suppose I really ought to show my support by donating. But I’ll give them some free publicity here, at least. First, they showed the 2011 Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert… and I saw myself! I promise I’m not completely narcissistic, just interested in seeing how I did, of course. And seeing parts of the show I never saw. Then what should come on next but the Piano Guys Red Butte Garden concert! Jeff and I went to that in September and it was honestly the best concert I have ever been to. And watching it is what is getting me on this train of thought.  

I love the cello. It has such a mellow, soulful, yet soaring sound. Something about the deep low notes completely resonates within me. Sometimes in the past year I have felt really disconnected from my emotions. Like my head was distinctly one thing and my heart was distinctly another… and they weren’t getting sync-ed up. Music was one of the things that brought them together for me. I’ve missed music. Much of last year I didn’t listen to music… I was driving/commuting and listened to my local news and traffic. I’m sure a psychiatrist would give more reasons why I didn’t indulge in music as much, reasons that had nothing to do with commuting. Regardless, when I did listen to music, it often had a strong melodic and instrumental theme. It’s what spoke to me. Yo Yo Ma, slower ballad songs, pure instrumental songs… And those moments when they spoke to me and brought my mind and heart into harmony were wonderful. 

I remember being at this concert and hearing the orchestra come in to this song. The experience of the concert, with parts of the orchestra standing up from the audience… I felt like crying at the end. I noticed that Steven Nelson (the cellist) was crying at the end of the song on the clip they showed from the concert. As a performer, I know it takes more than an amazing personal performance to feel that way – it requires that synergistic moment of performer and audience uniting into one universal force. It was one of those moments when I felt so gloriously mortal and immortal, filled with emotion and experience and unfettered soul. Those transcendent moments are rare in life. They are exquisite. 

Don’t only practice your art,
But force your way into its secrets,
For it and knowledge can
Raise men to the Divine.

-Ludwig van Beethoven

How can you not feel inspired after listening to that, seeing it, and reading Beethoven’s profound suggestion? Art is completely elevating. It’s in these moments when I’m reminded so strongly why I chose to get my degrees in the Humanities. Why I value what I value and pursue the dreams, goals, and hobbies that I do. Oh, to feel that exquisite moment of harmony and resonance more often! 

Every artist makes himself born. It is very much harder than the other time, and longer.
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