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In my task of rebuilding myself, I find that I am in need of some dreams. Or, perhaps I have the dreams but have not articulated them very well. So here is my list of dreams, in no particular order. (Except perhaps my first dream.)

I dream of…

1. Being a wife and mother
2. Getting a piece of writing published 
3. Swimming with dolphins
4. Learning how to write in calligraphy
5. Traveling to a tropical location… maybe Costa Rica?
6. Visiting my brother’s family in London
7. Owning my own home, which will have a beautiful, bright kitchen and a big library
8. Becoming a skilled amateur photographer
9. Learning how to create visual art (sketch, paint)
10. Performing as often as possible with dance groups

What do you dream of doing and becoming? How did you figure out what your dreams are?

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Meridith Reed · August 21, 2012 at 4:55 am

I love reading your blog, Erica. It's so uplifting and hopeful.

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