Waves 1.31.13

Published by Erica on

Dreams collide with reality
Waves of dreams
Some big, some small
Pushing – rolling onward – towards
Reality, the harsh cliff
Standing stalwart and immovable
Which waves will survive
To brush happily across
The softened sand?
Which waves will crash
Never to be free of the
Fierce cliffs?

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Raeann · February 11, 2013 at 5:38 am

I really like this….it makes me think lately how realistic my own dreams are to the point I can't remember if I actually had conversations with that person about a certain subject or if that existed only in my dreams. But more than this, it reminds me of the reality of holding loved ones in my dreams I miss so much and as reality crashes to existence their loving arms around me feeling so real crashes against the rocks of a new day with them far away. Kind of a sweet sad poem. I guess it could also be in relevance to peoples hopes and dreams; things they wish to acquire in this life. Wich gives hope to the fact that the dreams that mean the most may actually make it to the gentle sand. Thnx for sharing it. 😀

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