I feel like I suppose I will just do that

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My good friend Meridith recently shared a blog post that is a poem of thoughts generated by this nifty app, What Would I Say? I read a tiny bit of her poem, checked out the app, and am happy to present the following. I’m sure I’ll find more to add….

P.S. – the title was generated from that app. I frequently use the words “think, though, feel, Thursday, dance” and various references to writing. Please enjoy!

Come, come for an intervention…
2nd place and gifts. It’s safe to say my first time ever playing hide and seek with my current mobility…
. And senior citizens excluding dress I can make up late, hurrying out a frisbee!!
It just rattled my nerves, thank goodness
Oh baby, it
I’m pretty nervous about teaching, but excited to flood me
Blog post is the last day can look forward to visit home for eating, shopping, and quilting.
Friday night with my parents are supposed to see what a long, weddingly day!
oh, and did in the same time.
Only 1.5 weeks until Thanksgiving break, then about 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break, then one of my piano, my thesis feels better, though??
I think it
is, in transit, maybe next
It’s starting a performing dance
Just because it’s true, we can’t all be ice cream taste testers.
I think Thursday night…
11 this field stop throwing things are doing a fundraiser, do it!
I think Thursday lunch should be about 100 pages.
I’m pretty nervous about ammonia sweat.
I think I’ll be in the mountains!
In a castle window, not only did I can actually fit as well I’m pretty cool
Saturday cleaning it’s been a teacher weeks TO get tickets soon
Maid to Match…
Education is happening!
Well I’m going to participate in another day wedged in the making!
.. I”ll probably be there to see myself dance
Let’s hope is HARD!
wishes this paper books I added to apply to come visit you
Sadly, I cannot express the many of these Middle Eastern nations. Take a student anymore?
Lets do it, Meridith!
Hey, it’s hard to get better than that, the first SLC
Experiences are the left one calls the hair crimp…
I think my body is telling me
Proof see my students’ reactions when I come visit you
Hopefully that means lots of unemployment. If anyone know
I think it’s hope?? Either way, I can make no mistake.
that is full of thoughts…
Home for her to pick one calls the blog.
measures success in Nashville and pray its own forming as well, baby steps I breathed too
Sean was an iPad for all night with hummus!
Finally saw yesterday is truly got to talk with my computer decided to become something great.
Rock on for the answer?” “I haven’t the action
Time to hit GOLD and found a blog with an impromptu road trip with two interviews already for next
This bike with Nathan Gunn and especially block quotes MLA.
I think it
I’m pretty nervous about 5 different area or divers…
Calling all Indian Food Lovers I have to do next
Anyone who thinks the peach jam!
Slightly more flexibility back, ravioli for a ton of it?
Any recommendations on what I’m quite possibly the floor is an entire book from 1913 that
The author had a big impact.
And my powerful right toes/foot.
I’ve got my ticket home and bushy tailed…
We need to do it, Meridith!
and that in a most colorful ankle.
Laptop is in a crazy idea…
Let’s hope someone takes good to great
but allergies, couldn’t jump to do everything else before the weekend here
And so worried anymore about Proust and doctoral programs.
the special tap number we did in the future
our own choreographies of all MY academic career
I think my body fat, can’t wait to chop off to happiness?
Now if I may have never had something to do it
I think a date tonight, and I have to replicate this
figuring out more than that, the first time to start my new life adventure can move and get a picture with Nathan Gunn and Irish reel step!
It’s starting to get tour pictures in between two days
The author had a wide open window so
but allergies, couldn’t I wait for having a job?
All you guess that
As always, and Erin, I’ll be far far far it
The author had a successful day of unemployment. If anyone wants to hang out, give out!
I think it’s with trvel and life!
These are paper abstracts to submit…
I think I glow when I dance.
I think I just need the insider access ;
seriously, how do we should try it!
Anyone who has finally come by not going, these days
Time to start working on for the better understand dance, specifically Irish dance.
Performing tomorrow night all changed recently, and it
Thesis Proposal officially signed and I feel like Gulliver among the peach jam!
So we all that
Off to Greece and family from God bless us, every one!
and that will be said I had a very first opera with photoshop.
First time for some light discussion on hell houses, saussure’s relationship to dance, 17th century gender structures, and castrati.
I think I’ll be able to bed early tonight.
and that my speakers and the roof for sheer happiness!
I’m pretty painted wall, you’ll see oodles of pictures in Nashville and the parable of me
And my first I can conquer the police, agents, military, and especially block quotes MLA.
Anyone who wishes and great
I’m pretty nervous about the sky!
Just because I can move again for a few days
Filming shouldn’t be able to getting shot tonight!
Can’t wait and inner tube up here
packing packing packing…
Coming soon be up fliers for his family, my new job in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Around
Tour is almost every square inch. And what a concert
finally had one time when I dance.
Need a man who believes absolutely positively DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy me to hear back… there’s no place like a writingdesk?” “Have you
the special tap dance!!
I’ll get together, yeah yeah yeah, we can have to Utah!
…. but I can just brought the bruises to the river today, particularly the concrete pillar that
This bike ride it, Meridith!
Two months till 430, but yes, we make up to do some work now, though…
my little brother is officially NOT sure how we had to read through it.
The author had some bad I couldn’t I have winter clothes on.
Your uplifting comments have learned my lesson!
Lol just came running and see all the happy
Time to talk to get a future
I think so
Buy one of film history, theory, technique. The author had a maid who works out!!
Dude, and found a better way
Probably because your sidekick is coming to Provo this
It just came running across 3 am, bright eyed and I think.
I think I just have to change the mood of DANCE
Thank you should tune in sleep.
Seriously so in the countdown and survival has nothing to the owner tomorrow
I think using it
One book on Saturday may not the right one and we make two paper abstracts to know
and that I definitely recommend the show, not the windshield right?
How to actually have time to hurry home and Dancing masters and what to see/do while we’re striving for more information about the opportunities I’ve gotten from all of a bigger SD card
I think I’m ready for editing. Thanks GoogleBooks for having another art high just the …
Maybe next time I’m in the water.
read an umbrella, not my winter coat.
I’ve got mad skillz with books in one dream jobs to apply to!
now back with you once I get to Japan, though.
went to my bags and miscellaneous trash bag, but that’s all my dance
Happy me at the waiting game like a whitetrash blonde, thanks for the Arts…
Also a plausible form of burning calories, in my 3rd interview with tap number we did in the job leads, please message me!
. fork and knife aren’t for eating, they’re for defense!!!
What fun is winter without a little guidance on my thesis rock on my awesome
not me. Oh yes I did!
Just not to bring the hammer?
Bathtub won’t drain. Getting bored of living alone. Is the weekend with Amber!!
And so crazies couldn’t jump to their quest for a place…
The cool dream about teaching, but I’m OUT of Cadbury Mini golf, and is supposed to the inside medial ankle???
Love is a giveaway…
Good thing about being a storm I may be the street!
Guess I’d need Captain America to come up by Colleen, of the last day of unemployment. If anyone want to get ready to Turkey!
Why do we Jimmer at BYU?
Really really tired of burning calories, in my pink coat with the weekend!
Sadly, I suppose I slept on earth thought you
who is winter without a little more hopeful!
Jumping for joy fill your day ahead of me
that is the best part of that
For the heat makes such an extra minute to start my blog?
Home for the big unpacking tomorrow!
Your uplifting comments have helped host the world!
had two cinnamon rolls and a Saturday lineup for fall housing in that
We seriously doubt I could use a few minutes ago
I feel like going?
You Venezuelans have to take running shoes with the upside, I have danced all night…
I’ve got one all on the upside, I have the Piano Guys rocked my world or not today.
Congrats Chad and Dancing masters and their contribution and origin. As one who may soon
I’ve got some accounts I really need any juice!
Instant recipe for sheer happiness!
Time to hit GOLD and they requested my resume!
Thanks to see Lincoln, see a break/fracture. I’ll let you
Words cannot express the many emotions of burning calories, in the Assembly Hall during a wide open window so
And so far it’s been thinking about trauma and hear a crazy sore!
Let me at ikea who helped host the road.
I feel about trauma and Irish dance.
has a sore shoulder, but I come to my family ever!
I feel about a job in May your new life calling all Indian Food Lovers I needed to run and his name is Carson and he’s healthy and happy
The cool kids decided to show support I can’t believe I never went well, so
Prob not tonight though…
I feel like I feel…
And so lucky and applied for two more specific questions!
Applied for HOURS last night foreign karaoke though…
One of the Colin Dunne Riverdance I can conquer the blisters I can use Dear HBLL online I love dancing!
Missouri is working on topics include Bollywood dance, perhaps Irish, and senior about paying for college?
Jumping for joy in seven days
You Venezuelans have got a linguistic approach to fit out again…
becomes Professor Burgin and life adventure can actually have to be gone. Today
I feel like I suppose I will just do that

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Meridith Reed · November 16, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Love it!

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