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My Dave is incredible. So wise! So handsome! So strong! He is honestly better than my dream guy. I never dreamed big enough… didn’t really think such a perfect-for-me man could exist! His strengths balance my imperfections. We become a pair of grinning idiots together because seeing him makes me smile, and him seeing me makes him smile, so I smile more so he smiles more so I…. well, you get the idea. He knows when to hold me and when to offer suggestions. He sacrifices one of his most precious resources – sleep – so we can Skype. There’s so many dreams and futures, and wedding plans, to discuss that we often run past our 8pm/10pm curfew. 

Can I just mention how excited I am to be in the same time-zone, state, city, and HOUSE as my love in just 23 days!??

Can I also mention how it all still seems a bit surreal? Was it like that for anyone else?

In honor of this week’s afternoon thunderstorms, here’s a pic of Dave and I on our London/Scotland adventures. It’s the first of many trips we will share together!

Bless Dave’s sun-sensitive eyes 🙂

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VictoriaMurray · August 10, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I have loved seeing the pictures of the two of you! You are positively glowing! I am so happy for you! Good luck with the move! I hope everything goes smoothly!

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