Dear Secret Admirer..

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… if you actually were to exist, you would be getting me an amazing Valentine’s day gift. Because that’s how wonderful you are! You know me well, and I just have to share with everyone what you would get me! 

You’d start off my morning with breakfast in bed (along with an early wake up call so I’d have time to eat it). Eggs, toast, bacon, orange juice… you’re saving the sweet things for later, of course! There’s a flower or bouquet to brighten the cold morning as well. And what’s that you just carried in behind your back? A gift! 

Smart man. This is where I hug you, kiss you, and tell you just how wonderful I think you are. I’ll head off to work, on could nine as I contemplate seeing you again at the end of my day. 

Well, it’s the end of the day and we are meeting downtown to grab dinner. We might go to a fun, unique ethnic restaurant, or head on over (with everyone else, I’m sure) to Cheesecake Factory. Actually, scratch that. We’re grabbing dessert from Cheesecake Factory, but then we’re driving home so I can make you your favorite dinner! We love cooking together… okay, I mostly cook and you mostly try to distract me and be the taste-tester. We’ll eat, tidy up, then take our desserts and watch a fun flick, or maybe head back out for a performance. As a final surprise, since you know I’ve been rather obsessed with deep, turquoise shades of blue, you’ll whip this out. Just because you think I’m worth it.
(size 6, fits perfect!)

Well, my darling admirer, I hate to part ways with you, but alas I must bid you adieu. If you feel so inclined to show up on my doorstep with any and/or all of these gifts, I can promise you flat out you’ll get a wonderful Valentine’s kiss! 


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