Day 13: D&C 25:12

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I’m sure you don’t really care to hear it (yet again this week), but I am so tired!! I put in almost 50 hours at work this week. Ridiculous. And my sleep has definitely suffered. But I have stuck with this blog project and prayer project, despite it keeping me up later than I’d like. Accountability…. it’s a strong pull to keep you exactly honest to your word. Lest ye think I randomly grab a scripture about prayer and write a few words about it, let me fill you in on how this works for me. Sometimes I’ll have a particular idea or concept that sticks in my mind all day and unfolds itself as I look for scriptures that relate to that and prayer. I feel like those days are particularly special. Days like today, I usually end up doing a search in Gospel Library. I choose which variation of prayer I want to look for, then decide what book of scripture I’ll focus on. Sometimes it takes several tries before I find the scripture that stands out and feels right for the night. So it may be random, but there is method to it. 

Tonight was one of those “oh I need a scripture for tonight and I haven’t prepared yet and it’s already 11pm and I can just start searching while Perry Mason  wraps up” nights. When I found this familiar verse about the song of the heart and the righteous being a prayer unto God, I realized this was what I needed to share. Many of these prayer scriptures have focused on the need to pray always — and even if the verses I’ve shared haven’t said that, it’s one of those common answers we know about prayer. I have often mused on how we pray often and make it effective, etc. Tonight, I realized that music that brings the spirit can be its own kind of prayer. Music is something I turn to when the stress at work is about to explode and I just need to focus and unwind the energy. A good song not only helps me focus, but it relaxes me and helps me get the calm peace back from the Spirit, who was probably crowded out of my mind from all the other stuff going on. I want to share one of my new favorite songs that makes my soul soar and my skin tingle. It brings me happiness, peace, and calm as it transports me through sound to a better place. Transcend. That’s what it does. As you listen, consider what non-traditional prayers you pray each day to keep calm and bring the Spirit with you in what you’re doing. I’d love to hear what works for you!

PS. I absolutely love the opening quote on this film. Gorgeous. 


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