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Several years ago, this talk came out in the Ensign: Continue in Patience . I’m pretty sure it was written just for me, especially at the time it came out. I think one of the biggest struggles I’ve encountered as an “older” single woman in the LDS culture is figuring out what to do with myself in these circumstances. I fully believe there is a segment of LDS women my age (+ 5 years/-3 years) who sort of slipped through the cracks. When we were in the Young Women’s program, the culture was still marriage at a young age. I don’t think anyone anticipated that times were changing and that fewer of us would achieve that “ideal.” I often look back and it’s so easy to see how unprepared I was for facing an alternate future. 

Figuring out what it means to be single in a culture that still promotes young marriage ages has been a rewarding challenge. I’ve had so many remarkable experiences that I likely would never have had if I’d gotten married younger. I don’t regret the path my life has take, not one bit. 

That said, patience has never been my strongest suit. And learning what it means to be actively patient – aka, not just lolling around waiting for life to happen – was a huge lesson I had to learn. I remember when I read this talk, it finally started to make sense. I began to understand what I needed to do. 

I needed this talk today. Even now, patience is hard for me. This talk is priceless. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t forget that the Lord is patient with you. 

To paraphrase the Psalmist of old, if we wait patiently for the Lord, He will incline unto us. He will hear our cries. He will bring us out of a horrible pit and set our feet upon a solid rock. He will put a new song in our mouths, and we will praise our God. Many around us will see it, and they will trust in the Lord. 14

I know this promise is true. The Lord has taken me out of horrible pits in the past and lifted me to solid places. It continues to take faith and patience as wonderful new experiences appear on the horizon. Even great blessings and opportunities push us out of our comfort zones. So thankful I found this talk today 🙂 

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Meridith Reed · December 18, 2013 at 4:37 pm

Love this. Thanks for sharing.

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