Day 24: Moses 1:18

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While looking for tonight’s inspiration, I found a talk be Elder Nelson that was all about prayer. While I recommend it, I realized it didn’t have the feeling I was looking for tonight. It’s becoming more challenging to find verses that speak to me. You may have noticed that I’ve used few of the “go-to” scriptures about prayer, and some have nothing to do with prayer at all! Tonight, I decided to break out the synonyms. Entreat was promising, but not quite there…it also didn’t pull the scripture about Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz… So I tried inquiry. Then inquire. Verbs are good prayer words to look for, because they point to action. When I saw this one in Moses, I knew it was right for tonight. Plus I felt like it was time to see what the Pearl of Great Price had to say.

I love how Moses is speaking so boldly here. He flat out says he will not stop praying. And his reason is profound: he has more he needs/wants to ask The Lord. His spiritual education has just begun, but he is quick to realize that he needs further knowledge, light, and direction from The Lord. He will not be deterred, not even by Satan himself. I know my prayers are getting better, but that is another level of dedication I have yet to reach. Moses’s words are true for all of us, though. There are things we need to know, and we will not ease to inquire of God.


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