Day 26: What is prayer to you?

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If you’ve paid close attention, you’ll realize that I didn’t do my math very well. I thought 25 days would get me through the end of February, but I find myself blessed with an extra day! Due to my December eye condition returning, the late hour, and the BYU basketball game that filled the preceding 3 hours, I’m going to opt for something easy, but thought-provoking. 

I saw this on Facebook today – actually my mom found it and mentioned it to me – and I just had to find it and share. Corrie Ten Boom is an inspiration woman who had her own profound learning experience with prayers. If you have never read her book,  The Hiding Place, I highly recommend it. She and her sister help Jews during WWII and eventually get caught and sent to a concentration camp. Her sister has great faith and devotion and really utilizes prayer and their small Bible to sustain her. Corrie’s “conversion” to her sister’s point of view takes time, but I think it reflects many people’s journey towards faith and God. We go step by step, sometimes more than a little skeptical. I feel that our desire to move on that path will eventually lead us to the moment shown above, where we ask ourselves what prayer means to us. And I bet for many of us, it really is a steering wheel that guides us, not just a spare tire in case of emergency. 

I will be honest. Despite the many things I was facing during the autumn months (jobless, still getting over heartbreaks and disappointments, not sure where to live etc) I wasn’t really driving my life with prayer. It was a spare tire. I was doing many other things right – reading scriptures, attending the temple weekly, attending church and activities, etc – but I was letting prayer fall by the wayside. It was just hit or miss. Perhaps it will be one of those things that I just have to really focus on and make it a priority in my life. I’ve really appreciated this opportunity to focus on it. 

This is starting to sound like my recap, but it’s very late and I’m very tired. I’ll wrap everything up with a conclusion for ya’ll… but mostly for me! I’ve loved that this blog has been a way to kind of chart my progress, and I’m excited to go over it and give the big wrap up. And I’m excited to pray and go to sleep!! 

Drive your life with prayer, people! It’s way better than a spare tire. Love you all, thanks for reading. 


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craig · March 1, 2013 at 8:42 pm

Thank you for this wonderful blog post Erica! Lately, I have been thinking more about this topic, particularly with regards to knowing the will of God, and realized rather startlingly that I have approached prayer more like a "spare tire" than an actual "steering wheel". Because it's something that needs resolute focus for me, I found this to be a great reminder. It's definitely easy to forget the true power of prayer. Thanks again!

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