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So, as you learned in my last post, I did not make it into a dance group that I was hoping to be in for Christmas. Ultimately, this is for the best, as my calling is  much more important, and being in this group would have filled the remainder of my week and made it impossible for me to fulfill my calling. While I still will miss performing in that show just a bit, I realized two important things today. 

1. I finally activated the gym membership I bought in April! In my defense, I severly sprained my ankle about 3 days after buying it, so it made absolutely no sense to redeem it earlier. But I’m excited to take a gym bag to work with me and stop there on my way home every day. I’m hoping it helps with my figure, but mostly my sleep. 
2. I have been cooking more than usual. This is kind of huge, because there was quite a while in college where I cooked and tried new recipes because I enjoyed it. I had a bad experience, though, when my cooking was arguably the only reason this guy was in a relationship with me. I mean, he made it a point to eat my homemade german chocolate cake right before he broke up with me. And after dating him I kind of lost the motivation to cook so much. I suppose you could argue that I suffered mostly from that one, but I also learned to hide my cooking skills under a bushel in new relationships. I couldn’t say if I’m past that or not, but I’m really happy to be cooking more. It’s one of those more subtle markers of me having some time and of being happy. 
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