Sugar Cookie Must-Haves

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I try to practice minimalism with my household items, so having high-quality, multipurpose tools is essential for me! Here are the kitchen items I can’t live without when making sugar cookies!

  1. Rolling Pin Guides – These are 100% necessary for ensuring my dough has equal thickness throughout. Can’t have mismatched cookies for clients!
  2. Square Brownie Spatula – I use a square spatula all the time! It’s the perfect size to lift delicate sugar cookies, and because it’s smaller it’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces, from cookies, to brownies, to lasagna. My Orson Gygi one is out of stock, but this brand has similar dimensions and excellent review.
  3. Biscuit/Cookie Cutters – Every kitchen needs an all-purpose circular cutter. The variety of sizes here let’s me customize my cookie sizes for any occasion. The smallest size makes great coin-like cookies!

4. Half Sheet Baking Pans – My half sheet baking pans are total workhorses in the kitchen. I use them at least twice a week, sometimes more, depending on what I’m cooking and baking! You’ll want the pair of pans – I have three and sometimes wish I had even more to use when I’m deep in baking. I like this thicker, rimmed style of pan because it can handle the heat, doesn’t warp, and lasts forever. I’ve had my set of pans for about 9 years now, and they’re just now starting to get a nice patina building up. And I can’t even tell you how old my mom’s pans are, except that they’re the ones I used to make cookies on as a kid growing up! These pans conduct the heat evenly to give you well-baked cookies with no scorching or hot spots.
5. Silicone Baking Mats – These easy silicone baking mats had quickly become another kitchen staple for me, and they’re especially helpful with sugar cookies! I get a beautiful release from the pan without any fear of my cookies sticking. Plus I don’t have to grease the pans, so my cookies stay true in flavor and ingredients. I consider these one of my “secret ingredients” in turning out high-quality cookies! In addition to easy-release cookies and baked goods, these mats save me from pan prep every time I use them. Roasting veggies? Silicone mat. Making candy? Silicone mat. Cooking granola? Silicone mat. Unless I specifically want the metal of the pan to interact with my food, like for a Maillard effect, I’ve always got one of these lovelies on my baking pans.

Is there a kitchen tool you just can’t live without? Tell me all about it below!

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