Impelled to Create

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For a few weeks lately, or maybe even longer than that, I’ve had this growing desire to create and share. Having recently created my second human, life isn’t exactly calm and filled with free-time to do said creating. Regardless, I’m giving in to the impulse and starting this blog for the world. Ok, I’m starting this blog for me, and I’d love for you to come along on my journey.

You can expect to find a few things here: book reviews and recommendations (because I’m beyond obsessed with books), recipes I’m loving (because food), and the random post commenting on life and such (because I really love words, too). There’s also a really good chance you’ll stumble across something related to dance and art. Dance is my lifelong love, alongside books. It’s just a little harder to share in a blog since my joy from dance comes in teaching and performing. (Words can only do so much. Shrug.)

Have you ever felt bitten by the creative bug? And what did you do about it?

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