Good Friday

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So there I was in the Aldi’s parking lot. I’d managed to score a spot right across from the entry, so things were already looking good. I wrangles the toddler out of the car seat and stuck her in the trunk – the hatch? What do you call the back area on a small SUV? – while I went to get the baby. It was serious shopping time so he was going in the baby wearing carrier. With him strapped on, my three empty bags, a diaper bag, and a three year old, I hustled across to the door to get my cart.

And there it was. A cart, sitting right at the front of the cart return, with a quarter already in it. I glanced around, couldn’t see anyone who might be claiming the cart or quarter, and counted it as another blessing. I hefted the toddler into the back, and away we went on one of the smoothest shopping trips ever.

Baby never fussed. Toddler helped catch and arrange things as I handed her items from our list. The checkout man talked to the toddler and handed her a few things so she could “help” him reload the cart. We got the groceries bagged without angst or rushing. A kind lady asked if I needed help as I began unloading my cart into the trunk. And while I declined, I thanked her very much for her offer. I left our lucky cart unlocked so perhaps another person’s day could be blessed. And even then, a gentleman locking up his cart after me took care of mine and brought me the quarter.

Do blessings come because it’s a special day? Or are they always there and we just have to look for them?

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